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Covid 19 Update….

Due to Covid 19 and the current pandemic situtation we will not be conducting courses or seminars at this time. We will continue to watch this ongoing concern and update this page as necessary. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. As always, if you have any questions please contact Rod Burnett, founder and owner at 250 308 8185.

Another 2 Day Advanced Auctioneering seminar complete!

We’d like to take a moment to thank Bobby Miller (2019 All-Around Champion Auctioneer) for taking the time to be part of our seminar and for joining the Global College of Auctioneering instructor team!

Thank you Bobby and Andrew!! Your knowledge and passion for the industry is second to none!

Sept 8, 2018 – What a weekend! – This was an incredible moment for all involved, EG AUCTIONS did a very very outstanding thing for a family who just had a terrible tragedy. The small kids on stage just lost their parents 2 months ago in a horrible motorcycle accident, the grandparents on stage lost their son and daughter in law. Now they are the guardians of the 2 young grandkids who by the way are hearing impaired and have extra costs to go with their growing up. The entire customer base and EG AUCTION staff got together and had an emotional 10 mins auction selling this car for the family —- it’s amazing what happens, pls watch the video as there was not a dry eye in the place. At the end of it all we raised approx 100,000 for the family and the 3rd buyer gave the car back to the family!!! Sometime tragedy brings out the best in people, so sorry for the family but so proud of RED DEER and OUR CUSTOMERS from EG AUCTIONS, it will be a never forget moment!!

Live recording of fundraiser car that was auctioned

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“Chant of Champions”

Rod Burnett, Global College of Auctioneering Ltd.

“To be the best, you need to have been taught by the best and learn from the experience of professionals that truly operate their business in such a way that improves the auction industry. If a person is properly trained and educated it will only benefit them personally with their craft and it will also benefit the auction industry as a profession. If you are going to do something why not do it to best of your ability – with heart, passion, and integrity”

Global College of Auctioneering Ltd.  is an auction school committed to producing champion, award-winning auctioneers who are versatile and dedicated to enhancing the trade in all aspects of the auction industry.


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