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10 Day Auctioneering Basics

April 26 – May 5 in Leduc, Alberta.

Go to the ‘Course’ tab to learn more or call Rod Burnett at 250 308 8185  with any questions.


Sept 8, 2018 – What a weekend! – This was an incredible moment for all involved, EG AUCTIONS did a very very outstanding thing for a family who just had a terrible tragedy. The small kids on stage just lost their parents 2 months ago in a horrible motorcycle accident, the grandparents on stage lost their son and daughter in law. Now they are the guardians of the 2 young grandkids who by the way are hearing impaired and have extra costs to go with their growing up. The entire customer base and EG AUCTION staff got together and had an emotional 10 mins auction selling this car for the family —- it’s amazing what happens, pls watch the video as there was not a dry eye in the place. At the end of it all we raised approx 100,000 for the family and the 3rd buyer gave the car back to the family!!! Sometime tragedy brings out the best in people, so sorry for the family but so proud of RED DEER and OUR CUSTOMERS from EG AUCTIONS, it will be a never forget moment!!

Live recording of fundraiser car that was auctioned


“We started as 6 guys with a dream and with the help of everyone involved we left auctioneers” – Austin Taylor

“…an amazing experience and I’m happy how it has opened so many doors” – Justin Potts

“Rod’s passion for the profession was shown everyday and made me want it a lot more.” Corey French



Global College of Auctioneering Ltd.  An auction school committed to producing champion, award-winning auctioneers who are versatile and dedicated to enhancing the trade in all aspects of the auction industry.

“your school was the best thing I ever did with my life aside from learning music”. Grady Brown


2 Day Advanced Auctioneering Seminars are booked at request or demand.  Call 250 308 8185 to find the next location and get your name on the list!

“GLOBAL COLLEGE OF AUCTIONEERING was a huge part of my life to this point. I couldn’t have asked for better instructors or better teachers. I loved it and love the business and plan on being in the auction business for the rest of my life.” Kyle Smigelski.

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