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Our Course

Up Coming Dates:

Auction Basics – $2499.00  –  2018 is set for Aug 10 – 19 in Leduc, AB, Canada – call Rod Burnett for further information.

Advanced Bid Calling Course – $1499.00  –   2018 various dates and locations as needed.                                                                                                      


Our course is a 10 day, 80 hours minimum, in depth instruction of the auctioneer’s chant and the entire auction industry. Each day will consist of an information session and chanting drills along with number drills taught by Champion Auctioneers. Below is a brief outline of the curriculum.

  • General auction laws, rules, ethics, guidelines, taxes etc.
  • Auto
  • Livestock
  • Heavy equipment
  • Farm and estate
  • Antiques
  • Charity/benefit
  • Ring work
  • Clerking
  • Livestock auction field trip
  • Setting up
  • Voice and breathing
  • Sell a live sale
  • Daily chant practice from Champion Auctioneers
  • Innovative drills and chant practice
  • All Champion Instructors
  • Mobile Course
  • Ongoing mentoring with employment opportunities


  • Advanced Bid Calling
  • Ringman
  • Clerking

Call for more information on dates and pricing.

Dress Code

At Global College of Auctioneering Ltd we pride ourselves on being professional and therefore we ask that our students and everyone involved with us be dressed appropriately. Please follow the guidelines below.

  • pressed dress pants, pressed slacks or pressed jeans
  • pressed collared shirt, long or short sleeve, golf style or button up style
  • clean cowboy boots or polished shoes
  • clean good condition cowboy hats
  • new or near new ball caps may be permitted
  • suit jacket will be required for your first day of class
  • suit jacket and tie will be required for class photo and the live auction

Students must be 18 years of age or graduated from grade 12.

Reasons for Expulsion

  • Tardiness
  • Dress code infraction
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Lack of professionalism

Please abide by these rules as we are a profession that is in the public eye and need to be seen in a professional manner.