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Champion Auctioneer Instructors

Please note: The size of the class determines the number of  champion auctioneer instructors at the course.

Rod Burnett

  • Third generation auctioneer
  • 2011 International Livestock Champion Auctioneer
  • 2010 Runner-up World Livestock Auctioneer Qualifier
  • 2010 Canadian Livestock Champion Auctioneer
  • 2009 Reserve Canadian Livestock Champion Auctioneer
  • 2007 Provincial Champion Auctioneer
  • 2005 World All-Round Champion Auctioneer
  • 2005 Canadian All-Round Champion Auctioneer
  • 1999 Provincial Champion Auctioneer
  • Two-time finalist for the World Livestock Auctioneer
  • 23 years as a Contract Auctioneer
  • Co star of Auction on Wheels by Travel Channel
  • Proud father of 3 amazing daughters

Michael Burnett

  • Second generation auctioneer along with both his brothers, Barry and Joe Burnett.
  • 46 years as head wholesale auto auctioneer
  • 1990 Provincial Champion
  • Owned and operated his own livestock and furniture auctions.
  • Worked across North America selling all types of auctions.

Don Raffan

  • Second generation auctioneer
  • Followed his father Jim Raffan and his 3 uncles in the auction industry
  • Two-time Canadian Livestock Champion Auctioneer
  • International Champion Livestock Auctioneer
  • Co-owner of Valley Auction, family business since 1964
  • Revered pure bred cattle and performance horse auctioneer

Danny Skeels

  • Lives in Rimbey Alberta along with his wife Karen and their children Mackenzie and Garren
  • They have a 400 head registered cow herd and own Anchor D Ranch Simmentals
  • Head auctioneer for Vold, Jones and Vold livestock market for 27 years
  • 1989 Auctioneer college graduate
  • 1998 Canadian Livestock Champion Auctioneer
  • 1999 International Livestock Champion Auctioneer
  • 1999 World Livestock Auctioneer Reserve Champion
  • 2004 World Livestock Auctioneer Champion
  • 2014 Canadian Livestock Auctioneer “Masters Champion”

Corey Lawrence

  • Lives in Warburg, Alberta with wife Tracy and 3 daughters
  • Partner in Thorsby stockyards Inc.
  • 2000 Canadian livestock Auctioneer Champion
  • 2000 International Livestock Auctioneer Reserve Champion
  • 2016 International Livestock Auctioneer Champion
  • 2017 Canadian All Round Champion

Mike Nuss

  • Nebraska born and raised on a 240-acre farm/ranch
  • 2016 Nebraska Auctioneer of the Year
  • 2009 Greater Midwest Livestock Auctioneer Champion and board member since 2010
  • 4-time finalist at the International Livestock Contest, Reserve Champion twice
  • 12-time finalist at the World Livestock Auctioneer Contest, Reserve Champion
  • Partner in Helberg and Nuss Auctions and Realty since 1991
  • Sells 3 commercial livestock sales a week

Travis Rogers

  • Third generation auctioneer
  • 2014 International Livestock Auctioneer Champion
  • 2013 Canadian Livestock Auctioneer Champion
  • Sells 3-5 auctions a week

Dean Edge

  • 2018 International Livestock Champion Auctioneer
  • 2007 International Livestock Auctioneer Reserve Champion
  • 2006 Canadian Livestock Auctioneer Champion
  • Sells weekly commercial cattle auctions.
  • Horse auction specialist
  • Champion Tie Down Roper

Andrew McDowell

  • Second generation auctioneer
  • 2010 International Livestock Auctioneer Reserve Champion
  • 2006 Eastern Region Auctioneer Champion
  • 2002 Illinois State Auctioneer Champion

Peter Raffan

  • Second generation auctioneer
  • Co-owner of Valley Auction, family business since 1964
  • 2008 International Livestock Auctioneer Champion
  • 2001 Canadian Livestock Auctioneer Champion
  • 1997 Canadian All-Round Auctioneer Champion
  • 1997 Top Five in World All-Round Auctioneer Championships
  • 1996 International Livestock Rookie Auctioneer Champion
  • Sells weekly cattle auctions and farm/equipment auctions.

Jake Cheechov

  • 1993 auction school graduate
  • founder and president of Pacific Industrial Auctioneers and Appraisals
  • 2003 Oregon State Auctioneer Champion
  • 2005 Oregon State Auctioneer Champion
  • International Livestock Auctioneers Championship 2 time finalist
  • Certified appraiser
  • Loving husband to wife Amy and proud father of their son J.W.

Cody Hayes

  • Second generation auctioneer
  • 2015 Canadian All-Round Auctioneer Champion
  • On the Board of Directors of the Auctioneers Association of Alberta as the Educator Director
  • Lives in Strathmore Alberta with his wife Kelly and two kids

Ron Sekura

  • Second generation auctioneer
  • Family owned Sekura Auctions for decades before selling the business
  • 2016 Canadian All-Round Auctioneer Champion
  • Board member for the Auctioneers Association of Alberta
  • Teaches auction 101 and 201 for the Auctioneers Association of Alberta
  • Pilot, sailor, and drag car racer
  • Sells weekly wholesale car auction and farm auctions

David Irvine aka PeeWee

  • 2018 Canadian Bid Catching Champion
  • 56 years in the auction business
  • Has worked auctions across North America in the auto industry and classic car industry
  • Co star of Auction on Wheels by Travel Channel
  • Professional ring man

Brett Gardiner

  • Six-time Canadian Announcer of the Year, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Bill Kehler Memorial award recipient 2 times
  • Five-time PBR Canadian National Finals Announcer
  • Five-time Canadian National Finals Announcer
  • Four-time Wrangler tour Finale Announcer
  • PBR's play by play host on TSN's Monster energy tour

Andrew Reeleder

  • Provide auctioneer and ring service for 200-250 sales every year
  • Top five of 2016 Canadian All Around Auctioneer Championship
  • Ringman for Ritchie Bros at the world’s largest industrial sale