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Students at the college will be introduced to industry representatives and have the opportunity to speak to many auction owners, industry leaders and champion auctioneers.  Our Mentorship Program is second to none for supporting and encouraging up and coming auctioneers!

Global College of Auctioneering Ltd. will also award the student voted Most Potential by their peers within each auctioneering class.  Here are the past MOST POTENTIAL buckles recipients:

August 2018 – Justin Potts

September 2017 – Denis LeBlanc

February 2017 – Jordan Smith

February 2020 – Advanced Auctioneering Graduates

Bobby Miller (Ins), Andrew Reeleder (Ins), Brody Brooks, Lance Reszel, Kyle Howarth, Mark Van Tienhoven, Rod Burnett (Ins)

March 2019 – Advanced Auctioneering Graduates

Chance Martin (Ins). Brody Brooks, Sam Dolcini, Jay Francis, Andrew Reeleder, Jake Cheechov (Ins), Tim Terepocki, John Baier, Loren McDougall, Terry McDougall, Rod Burnett (Ins)

November 2018 – Advanced Auctioneering Graduates

Denis LeBlanc, Lance Reszel, Don Larson, Justin Janke, Ken MacDonald, Andrew Releeder (Ins), Blane Friesen,
Rod Burnett (Ins)

August 2018 – Auctioneering Basics Graduates

September 2017 – Auctioneering Basics Graduates

February 2017 – Auctioneering Basics Graduates

2017 – Advanced Auctioneering Graduates

Don Streeper, Shannon Iverson, Allan Monroe, Jan De Leeuw
Pat McCarty, Don Raffan (Ins), Bob Bugeaud, Rod Burnett (Ins)
Mike Jennings, Ken MacDonald, Rod Burnett (Ins), Andrew Reeleder (Ins)