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Austin Taylor, Nov 2018 Auctioneering Basics graduate

“We started as 6 guys with a dream and with the help of everyone involved we left auctioneers”

Ken McDonald, Nov 2018 Advanced Auctioneering Seminar graduate

“Rod Burnett and his crew did a great job with all 6 of us. Refining and defining our chants with one on one coaching. Exhausting work for me but SO rewarding.”

Justin Potts, Nov 2108 Auctioneering Basics Graduate

“…an amazing experience and I’m happy how it has opened so many doors”

Corey French, Feb 2017 Auctioneering Basic Graduate

“Rod’s passion for the profession was shown everyday and made me want it a lot more.

Grady Brown, Feb 2017 Auctioneering Basics graduate

“your school was the best thing I ever did with my life aside from learning music”